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Quiz -This word might make some of us puzzle but actually it is not as worse as it is .Attending quiz is one of the best ways to easily learn something new and at the same time in a fun filled manner . When we learn something over the internet or through books the data or information what we read might be lost as we may not give importance to the information, but this wont be the case when we learn something through attending quiz . Besides attending quiz wont bore you , normally when we are reading some books for a long time we may feel fed up and just stop reading them but this wont be the case of  attending quiz .

Apart from the above said factors Quiz can also help us to asses our knowledge level ,We can select the level of the quiz required and when we attend the quiz we can know how proficient we are in a particular topic . Also in some good quiz sites like computer you can find that each and every user will have a user log in and a password for the same with which each user will have an individual account and all the tests that a particular user attends will be saved under his user id and hence he can review his performance occasionally and track his improvements

Besides this attending quiz will also help us to know the wrong ones better ,in some cases we would not have known a particular answer and would have chosen an answer blindly once if a results are displayed if the guessed answer is correct then the result then we will never forget that answer in the rest of our life in the same case if we don’t know an answer and the marked answer is a wrong one once we come to know about the correct one we will have a chance in rectifying our selves and also maintaining a good balance between the content what we studied and also what we are capable to remember .This site deals with lots of computer quiz topics like html , php , general knowledge , aptitude and many more .

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