Sienna Fantozzi

Sienna Fantozzi

Associate Editor

Sienna covers home and travel content at CQ. 

What Is "Transitional Design" And How Can You Spot It?

Can't decide between traditional and contemporary? This one's for you.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Bachelor Mansion

Starting with the fact that a REAL FAMILY lives in it.

25 Christmas Garlands That Are Total Goals

We're so here for the one made out of pasta.

Modern Kitchen
Here's How Much Granite Countertops Will Actually Cost You

Avoid a budget crisis and know your stats before you commit.

white canopy bed
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These Are Designers Go-To Colors To Paint Furniture

It'll look brand new, without having to actually buy anything new.

IKEA design studio opens at Moscow shopping mall
Food is best enjoyed with friends
Your Guide To Which Wine To Serve On Thanksgiving

If you're going to survive your family, there needs to be a lot of wine involved.

Emily Henderson’s Portland Project Kitchen Is Total Goals

This is the most beautiful stove we've ever seen. EVER.

pull out snack drawers
15 Genius Drawers Everyone Needs in Their Home

Turn a drawer into a secret bar and never look back.

14 Recipes That'll Win Your Thanksgiving Potluck

Don't be that person who forgets the pumpkin pie.

Everything You Need To Know About French Country Design

There's one key difference between French country and farmhouse.

20 Show-Stopping Thanksgiving Sides

Because we all know it's all about the extras.

6 Clever Ways To Use A Chest Of Drawers Outside The Bedroom

It's maybe the most underrated piece of accent furniture ever.