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Meghan Markle's First Royal Christmas Outfit Cost More Than $10,000

At least it's less than the $75,000 engagement shoot dress?

JOB ALERT: Family Who Lives in a Haunted House Is Seeking a Nanny for Their Kids

Five nannies have left the role in the last year because of supernatural incidents ... no big deal.

A Couple Got Married on Mt. Everest and the Photos Are Stunning

Sometimes, an nontraditional wedding is really the way to go.

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This Man Spent 3 Years Proposing to His Girlfriend Through Love Letters

He began writing notes a week after they started dating ... but she never noticed.

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This New Color Might Be the World's Most Beautiful Pigment Ever

And soon, you'll be able to paint it all over your house!

woman defiled national parks
Woman Who Defiled National Park Property Is Banned from All of Them

She was the "most hated person on Instagram," and apparently still is.

This Wedding Guest Received an Incredibly Rude Request From the Bride

"If you wanted to send any adjustment it would be thankfully received."

This Math Problem for 7-Year-Olds Is Going Viral

This one could leave you stumped for a while...

This Couple's Wedding Pics Will Make Your Jaw Drop

They hired a reputable photographer, but the results are pretty bad. 

The Most Annoying Facebook Posts, According to Every State

Sorry, folks. New Jersey doesn't want to see your adorable baby.

Woman Suing Airbnb After Finding Hidden Camera Filming in Her Rental

She believes the footage may have captured her naked.

8 Epic Cliffside Wedding Photos That Will Make Your Heart Pound

They're intensely beautiful — but just try to look at them without holding your breath.

Here's How to Save Spoiled Wine in Less Than a Minute

All you need is a penny (the science lesson is free).

Helen Gurley Brown's Iconic New York Apartment Is a Romantic Dream Come True

And it's now for sale. This is what you've been saving for!

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