Starbucks Is Giving Away Free Holiday Drinks

Sprinting to the nearest store STAT.

Starbucks Holiday Cup
Starbucks Holiday Cups Are Now In Stores
The holiday cup is out too, meaning it's time to start blasting "Let…
Here's A Sneak Peek At Starbucks' Holiday Cups

There's one major difference from last year.

Starbucks Wants You To Embrace The MPL

Prepare for freak out in 3 ... 2 ...

Drop Everything Because Soon You Can Buy Starbucks PSL at Supermarkets

Be right back, running to the grocery store.

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Starbucks Is Shutting Down All of Its Teavana Stores

No more free mall samples.

Starbucks' New Frappuccinos Come Topped With Chocolate Cake

You can have you cake and eat it too.

Apparently Starbucks' Computer System Is Down and People Are Losing it

Good luck getting your coffee fix this afternoon.

Starbucks Just Launched a Thin Mint-Inspired Frappucino

It will make you forget all about that Unicorn Frapp.

Starbucks Is About to Open Their Their Most Extravagant Location Ever

You can spend the entire day here just basking in gourmet coffee and baked goods.

Starbucks' New Unicorn Frappuccino Changes Color While You Sip It

The magical drink is finally here!

Starbucks Might Be Launching a Unicorn Frappuccino

It is pink and blue and covered in what looks like edible glitter.

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Starbucks' Brand New Cherry Pie Frappuccino Sounds Delicious

This is basically your dream dessert in a cup.

Starbucks Just Released a New Spring Drink That Sounds Amazing

But that's not even the best part about the news.

9 Things That Totally Annoy Your Starbucks Barista

A word to the wise: Do not touch the scanner.

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What Name Do You See on This Starbucks Cup?

This iced coffee has started major arguments.

Stop Everything: Starbucks Just Released Its First-Ever Spring Cups

Spring cups are the new red cups.