The Top 6 Home Decor Trends of 2018, According to Pinterest

In case you weren't already lusting after spa-inspired bath tubs online.


We spend entirely too much time , but apparently we are in good company (looking at all of you here).

According to , there was a 75% increase in home-centric Pins this year. We also put our money where our saved images are; people who use Pinterest spend 27% more on decor than people who don’t (sorry, wallets).

Judging by the trending searches, these home decor trends are bound to be big in 2018.

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1 Wall Art

Bare walls are officially out — and we can recommend some great and to help get you up to speed on this trend. Pins for "wall art" were up 637% this year.

2 Patterned Plants

Bedroom plants and vibrant foliage can help you stay on trend in the new year. Pins for “patterned plants” were up 533% this year (and you can ).

3 Mixed Metallics

We’re looking at our through rose-gold glasses — or something like that. Pins for “mixed metals” were up 423% this year.

4 Terrazzo Flooring

Bell bottoms might not be back, but the of the 1970s sure is. Pins for “terrazzo” were up 316% this year.

5 Statement Ceilings

2018 is looking up — or, at least, the statement ceiling trends is.

Where you choose paint, wallpaper, or intricate textures, you might want to pay a little more attention to your ceiling. Pins for “statement ceilings” were up 310% this year.

6 Spa-Inspired Bathroom

Even if we can’t escape to the Bahamas, everybody is dreaming of resort-inspired bathrooms and rattan furniture. Pins, or saves, for "spa bathrooms" were up 269% this year.

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