10 Alternative Christmas Trees That'll Put Your Pine to Shame

A succluent tree? Yes, please!


Maybe it's the pine needles or the allergies. No matter what, you're totally entitled to skip bringing a real pine tree into your home this holiday season. But if fake trees don't do it for you either (artificial can be so anti-climatic) go with one of these unique displays.

Crafts a la Mode
Brown Paper

This blogger used a stick to create a trunk for her DIY three, then attached ruffled brown paper all the way around. Add white pom poms to create extra texture and provide a simple alternative to ornaments.

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Succulent Tree

If you still want a living tree (just no pine needles!), look to these trendy plants to add a green touch to your holiday decor. This blogger glued small succulents on a styrofoam cone.

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Hunted Interior
Chalkboard Art

This blogger took her alternative tree to the next level by creating a chalkboard tree with lights. The best part: Each year you can give your tree a new shape and make it as tall or wide as you like.

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Kara Rosenlund
Wooden Sticks

If you want the rustic vibe of a real tree, but without all the pine needles and high-maintenance waterings, go with a wooden branch beauty like this.

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Wooden Palette

This blogger used white paint and nails to turn a wooden palette into a totally adorable Christmas tree. And it's still personalized since your ornaments hang from the nails as the stars of the show.

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Style Carrot
Pom Pom Tree

Poms poms aren't exactly traditional, but they certainly create a festive tree when attached to rustic branches and arranged inside of a simple glass vase.

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A Beautiful Mess
Planks of Wood

Before you toss the scraps from your most recent DIY, grab leftover wood planks to create an indoor or outdoor tree you can hang gifts from. These bloggers turned theirs into an advent calendar.

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A Pair & a Spare
String of Lights

If you want your tree to be free of pine needles, but full of Christmas cheer, look no further. This blogger nailed a string of lights to a simple wooden board to create a modern display.

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Kelly Elko
Ladder Lift

Bet you never thought about how similar a ladder and pine tree are in shape before. Don't worry: The lights around this ladder will prevent your kids from walking under it — and enduring years and years of bad luck.

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Family Sponge
Stack Your Books

Book worms are going to love this idea: Instead of piling your hardbacks on a shelf, put them on the floor in the shape of a tree to create the perfect nod to your beloved past time.

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