These Sparse Christmas Trees Will Make You Reconsider Your Full Ones

It's all about the gaps.


There are Charlie Brown Christmas trees and then there are gorgeously plump pines, but somewhere in the middle there are perfectly sparse and aesthetically clean options that are seriously taking over the Internet.

Typically, you never want to hear someone call your plant sparse. But designers are turning the tables this holiday season. Emily Henderson, for one, made the from Target in her look effortlessly chic, using a combination of gorgeous black and white ornaments, plus a touch of red and gold.

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Similarly, of took an and made it look much more expensive by adding in natural elements and simple ornaments.

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So, if you don't have the space in your home to get a massive tree or you're just looking for a new trend that isn't this very extra rainbow tree movement, the sparse tree might just be your statement piece of Christmas 2018. It's certainly got a more rustic feel to it, but with the right ornaments and tree topper, you can make it your style. Just look how different the two above turned out.

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