Netflix's New Dumplin' Movie Was Filmed In These Small Georgia Towns With Fascinating Links To Dolly Parton

Hint: Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors was also shot there.

Everyone's loving , and the movie's Southern setting is part of its charm. From the footage of rural America to the characters' accents, viewers get a real feel for the place where Willowdean "Will" Dickson (Danielle Macdonald) lives with her mom Rosie (Jennifer Aniston).

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Just like the on which it's based, the movie is set in the fictional Clover City, Texas, home of the oldest beauty pageant in the state—run by Rosie and eventually entered by an indignant, Dolly Parton-obsessed Will. But the hit movie was actually filmed in Georgia.

, Dumplin' was shot in the cities of and , but also in the much smaller towns of (population 14,044) and (16,015)—the latter apparently appearing in the pool and house scenes.

This isn't the first time Conyers and Covington have hosted a film related to Dolly Parton, who did the soundtrack. The 2015 TV movie Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors was also , despite being set in the Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains where .

Jennifer Aniston sold the idea for Dumplin' to Netflix and co-produced the adaptation, which is now . When it came to Jennifer's faux Southern accent, which she worked with a dialect coach to perfect, the actress got the only approval that matters: Dolly's!

"I thought she did great, and I told her that," Dolly told . "I went to see it with her ... I was really impressed and I knew she worried about it. She needed to hear it from somebody who knew, so I leaned in and said, 'Your accent is great, you did a great job,' and she said, 'Whew!' but I meant it."

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