How Your Address Affects Your Sex Life

A new study reveals that location plays a large role in your morning routine, in everything from breakfast to (of course) sex. This piece originally appeared on

We can't resist a good study—who doesn't want to know about how their lives stack up against others?—so IKEA's fascinating has us spellbound, investigating exactly how us New Yorkers compare to other city dwellers when it comes to their morning routines. They polled over 8,000 people in 8 worldwide cities to see how their morning habits compared, and the findings reveal all sorts of interesting facts, from which city's population spends the most time cuddling, to who's able to stave off their social media addiction before work hours. Here, a look at some of the most interesting results:

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Citizens of Moscow are having sex in the morning more often than their counterparts in all other cities. The least? Stockholm.

On a slightly less scandalous note, Moscow also wins for cuddling, while Shanghai is in last place.

When it comes to simply talking with a partner, Mumbai rates highest for spending morning time on this ritual, while Shanghai comes in last.

And moving onto self-reflection: Mumbaikars are in the lead, as almost half of the population polled said they make room for this in their mornings. The city where it's happening the least? Moscow:

Lastly, when it comes to the ultimate morning time-suck, social media, Stockholm is in the lead, with 37% of its inhabitants logging on for their fix of Likes and Retweets. In Shanghai, 87% manage to stay away. Impressive!

Tell us: Would data like this affect your next move? And how do your habits compare?


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