What Makes Design Bloggers Happy?

See their favorite things.

We polled some of our favorite design bloggers about the one thing in their homes that makes them happiest.
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An Adorable Pooch

"Lulabelle, my Chinese Shar-Pei."
—Susan Jamieson

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diptyque baies candle
An Enchanting Scent

"Diptyque's Baies candle."
—Erika Johnson

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aqua blue paint
A Fun Color Combo

"These paint colors: Benjamin Moore's Jamaican Aqua and Grape Green."
— Raina Kattelson

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a painting of a seascape
Heirloom Art

"My husband's grandmother gave us this seascape painting that she had bought decades earlier. He and I had surfed this exact spot on our first trip to Maui.
—Shelly Van Rozeboom

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headboard fabric
A Heavenly Headboard

"My headboard fabric — Philip Gorrivan's Heirloom."
—Brad Clifford

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a monogrammed pillow
A Beautiful Bedroom

"My bed: sheets and pillowcases from Dea, monogrammed shams from Leontine Linens, and — just added — a long-lusted after Hermès throw."
—Sue De Chiara

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glass chandelier
Gorgeous Lighting

"A George II chandelier from Visual Comfort."
— Traci Zeller

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a stove from bluestar
A Classic Stove

"I have a 30-inch four-burner gas stove from BlueStar. I love to cook. It's my salvation while I'm renovating the rest of my house."
—Katy Elliott

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bright yellow sofa
A Cheery Sofa

"I had a Standard Arm sofa covered in the happiest sunflower-yellow cotton velvet — ' Romance in Egypto."
—Maria Killam

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