This Shower Curtain Liner Holds Your Device Up While You Shampoo

For the most dedicated binge-watchers.


Have you ever been so invested in whatever show you're binge-watching on Netflix that even a shower break seems too long? If so, you're in luck. You can buy a clear shower liner on Amazon that has pockets for all your devices, which means you can play games, watch a movie, or even take a call, all while shampoo and conditioning.

The Bunkerwall curtain liner has 17 pockets, so you can easily place your phone or tablet at whatever represents your eye level. According to the product description, the curtain is "extra thick" with strong reenforced hem. The liner is also non-toxic, odorless, and mildew and mold resistant. It will hold both iPhone and Android cell phones and tablets.

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You can still use your favorite shower curtain, too, because the liner can be used on the inside of all curtains. The device liner will allow you to "be more productive, learn new skills or have more fun!" according to the description.

The Bunkerwall liner advertises itself for many creative uses—you can view your baby monitor, listen to educational podcasts, study online flashcards, and listen to news while in the shower.

There are mostly five-star reviews for the product on Amazon. One reviewer wrote, "I feel very safe knowing my electronics aren't in the shower with me. Plus I can fit my panini maker in it!", which seems odd, but...just goes to show the liner has endless possibilities!

Others were weary about how reliable the pockets are. Some reviewers noted pockets falling off, or their devices falling through. Based on the majority of the reviews being five stars, though, the liner seems like a fun gift worth trying out.

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