brown dog with blue bone on brick walkway

ask the dog shrink

7 Pooch Problems
Easy, expert advice for your dog dilemmas.
kathy santo with dogs
The (Smartest) Pick of the Litter
Kathy Santo answers your questions.
Dog Shrink Kathy Santo
New Dog for an Ailing Dog
Kathy Santo answers your questions.
Dog Shrink Kathy Santo
Hyper Pups
Kathy Santo answers your questions.
dog shrink
Unhappy Accidents
Kathy Santo helps you right those little wrongs he's leaving behind.
Kathy Santo
Enemy Dogs
Kathy Santo helps you figure out how to calm your dog's fears and your own!
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kathy santo
Winterizing Your Pup
Make sure your dog is dressed for success this winter.
Kathy Santo, the Dog Shrink
Adopting a Dog
Get to know your puppy before you take him home.
kathy santo
Suddenly Snappy Pups
Learn to speak your dog's language.
kathy santo
Dogs in the Car
A simple harness can keep your dog safe and sound.
dog shrink
Picking the Right Leash for Your Dog
The stronger the dog, the stronger the leash.
Leather Argyle Collar
Dog Collars with Bling
Who says your dog shouldn't be stylish too?
kathy santo
Calming Your Dog During Fireworks
Soothe your dog's fear of loud noises with CDs.
Get Your Dog to Dig Bathtime
Keep your pooch clean (and happy).
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Milky Way Bowl, $34
Dogs Acting Weird at Mealtimes
Help your canine get back on track during dinnertime.
Kathy Santo and her Parson Russel
Learning to Love the Carrier Bag
What to do when they hate their travel bag.
Kathy Santo
Stop with the Barking!
Teaching dogs to keep it quiet.
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Dog and Woman Exterior
Giving Pets as Gifts
Maybe you should consider giving a pet ROCK instead.
Dog and Woman Exterior
Disappearing Decorations
Have you asked your dog where they are?
Kathy Santo
Your Dog's Favorite Dishes
Keep your pooch from licking your plates clean.
Kathy Santo
Preparing for the Pet Sitter
Put your pup at ease with their caretaker.
kathy santo
Food-Stealing Pets
Take control of the situation.
kathy santo
Curing Oddball Pet Fears
Praise and rewards pave the way.
Kathy Santo
Dog Buddies
Finding puppy pals.
Puppy's First Vacation
Get him ready to roll.
Puppy Piddling Accidents
Uh-oh, he's drinking from the swimming pool.
Doggie Bad Habits
Bad manners you didn't know you were teaching.
Constantly Digging Dogs
Don't condition a puppy to do something destructive.
Their Favorite Dog Bed
Turns out it's under your table.
Dog Shrink
Acting Against Type
It's not your dog's fault the sofa got chewed.