home decor

This Is 'The Simpsons' Living Room IRL

But which of these six looks would Marge choose?

Look Inside Hillary Duff's Colorful LA Home

It'll convince you mixing prints is a good thing.

15 Things That Will Bring Good Luck to Your Home

You may want to consider repainting your door after reading this!

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Chip and Joanna Gaines
7 HGTV Trends Viewers Are Totally Over

People have strong feelings about those "Fixer Upper" marathons.

PBteen Just Launched the Most Magical "Harry Potter" Collection

Forget the kids, you're going to want these whimsical accessories.

The Best Labor Day Sales to Furnish Your Entire Home

Save big on everything from furniture to kitchen appliances this weekend.

Forget About Farmhouse White — A New Color Is Taking Over Homes in 2017

Suffering from all-white farmhouse fatigue? Then you'll love the latest trend.

Rattan Furniture Is Making a Major Comeback

And it's not just for the great outdoors anymore.

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You Can Now Buy Seriously Stylish Furniture at Home Depot

Forget about tools — check out these beauties!

10 Decorating Mistakes That Could Be Sabotaging Your Relationship

That sofa is far more important than you thought.

10 Vintage Bedroom Accessories We Want to Bring Back

Let's bring back the charm of our grandparents' cozy bedrooms!

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Here's How Pro Stylist Emily Henderson Staged Her Home to Sell

It's cheery, airy, perfectly curated – and filled with all of her favorite things.

20 Vibrant Rooms That Prove Minimalism Is Out, Maximalism Is In

It's official: More is more!

It's Official: The Layered Rug Trend Is Here to Stay

Sometimes more is more.

Kylie Jenner Just Bought Another L.A. Mansion

Naturally, it has plenty of space for all of her siblings.

kate spade new york apartment
Take an Inside Look at Designer Kate Spade's Artsy New York Apartment

Of course there's an amazing sketch of Jackie Kennedy and JFK Jr.

9 Things We Learned About Ronald and Nancy From the Reagan Family Auction

For one, they liked to eat on TV trays.

door hangings that are not wreaths
12 Beautiful Door Decorations That Aren't Wreaths

Give your favorite wreath a time out and opt for one of these ideas instead.

cheap home improvement tricks
7 Inexpensive Tricks That Made My Home Look Amazing

With four kids, my decorating budget was spread (very) thin.

10 Ways to Love Your Not-So-Perfect Home

Try these strategies whenever you start wishing you could change everything. 

10 Ways to Squeeze Furniture Into Small Spaces

These crafty homeowners made the most of what they had.

8 Biggest Mistakes You Make Decorating a Small Space

Designers explain why you shouldn't play it safe (no white paint!) in a tiny room.

A Sneak Peek at Trisha Yearwood's First Home Collection
"Being back on the road reminds me how much we all need a warm and inviting space to return to."
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