apple pie and apple cookie jar

trading up

A Healthy-Looking Dessert
You decide: a mediocre apple pie or an apple-shaped cookie jar.
to do list and mug with writing and pencil
One List, No Mess
You decide: countless to-do lists or one organized mug.
hula girl and travel journal
Travel Keepsakes
You decide: a cheesy souvenir or this handy travel journal.
cosmopolitan and martini glass
A Unique Drink
A Cosmopolitan at your local bar or a martini glass that you can ref…
gardening tools and a floral rug
Flowers All Year Long
You decide: Gardening in the spring or flowers all year round with t…
chips and salsa and bow bowl
Chips & Dip Done Right
You decide: Chips and salsa the regular way, or chips and salsa in a stylish bowl.
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dish rag and coasters
Say Good-bye to Rings
You decide: Endless rings on your coffee table or these coasters.
concert and phonophone
Concert Tickets or...
A pair of concert tickets, or a phonophone to play your favorite music over and over again?
antique therapy head and emotion canisters
Your Therapy Appointment or...
Two hours on the sofa, or these emotionally charged jars from Jonathan Adler.
A First Class Seat
The gym, or a healthy snack on this cupcake side table guilt free!
bucket of cleaning supplies and storage boxes
Maid Service or...
You decide. Pay a maid to clean up after you, or get organized in style with these great storage boxes.
pizza box and three mini robots
Pizza Delivery for a Kitchen Gadget
You decide: A pizza delivered to your door or a fun gadget you can use again for the same price.
Trade a Box of Chocolates for...
You decide: Chocolates you'll feel guilty about or a sweet spoon with no calories that costs a lot less.
cigarettes and lamp
Trade Your Bad Habit
You decide: Cigarettes, which are bad for you anyway, or something else that lights up, like a fabulous, but inexpensive lamp.
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airplane and chair
Trade Your First Class Seat for...
You decide: an expensive first-class ticket or a first-class seat in your own home.
finger nail polish and files and porcelain hand with jewelry
Trade Up Your Manicure for...
You decide: a manicure and pedicure or a fabulous home accessory.