Amy Sedaris Dinner Parties are Awkward. Amy Sedaris is Here to Help You Survive Them.

She's got a great trick for coping with "Darth Vaders," BTW.

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image Ford Created a Mattress That Prevents People From Hogging The Bed

It physically nudges the offender back to their side.

image It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Top Sheets for Good

Once considered essential to proper bed-making, top sheets are slowly becoming obsolete—and quite frankly, we couldn’t be happier.

image 19 Dangerous Household Items You Should Quit Using Immediately

But I thought humidifiers were helpful?

HBX100112_043 Style Icon Lee Radziwill Has Died At 85

Interior designers from all over the world are paying tribute.

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CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan Where to Find the Best Sales This Presidents' Day

You don't want to miss these deals.

Loaded dishwasher You Should Be Cleaning Your Dishwasher Once a Month—Here's How

It's super easy, and will keep your dishwasher more efficient.

Depressed woman at home during Christmas How to Feel Happier at Home When Winter’s Bringing You Down

It may be dark outside, but it doesn't have to be in your house!

image Turn Your Bathroom Up A Notch With A Record Player Sink

It's time to pump up your bathroom's jam.

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image The MudBuster Will Stop Your Dog From Tracking Mud Inside The House

Your freshly cleaned carpets will thank you. 🙌

Sorting Hat Your Home Needs A Talking ‘Harry Potter’ Sorting Hat

Stores are sold out, so order online ASAP.

Wistful dalmation The Most Pet-Proof Fabrics Are Not What You'd Expect

Experts share their surprising picks.

image This May Be the World's Most Expensive Flower Bouquet

It costs more than your first car. NBD.

image The Inside Is Collaborating With Scalamandré and We're Totally Obsessed

The heritage fabric house's iconic prints are more accessible than ever.

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