The Two Paint Colors Designer Leanne Ford Swears By

There IS a perfect shade of white, and the Restored By The Fords star has found it.

Leanne Ford

Leanne Ford's known for wearing a shirt that reads "wear black, paint white," which essentially embodies her design ethos. The Restored By The Fords star has made a name for herself by combining Pittsburgh edge with pristine white rooms, proving that the color can be far from bland. You just have to know how to rock it.

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Ford's trick to making white on white chic — not sterile — is pairing it with all kinds of textures, and turning to two riffs on the color. At home in Pittsburgh, her schoolhouse-turned-home/office is covered entirely in Behr's Ultra Pure White, she told . What makes it work, though, is how she varies the finishes: It's high-gloss on a built-in cabinet, matte on the brick wall nearby. That juxtaposition keeps things from looking too same-y, marrying rustic with modern.

Behr Premium Plus Paint in Ultra Pure White, $54;

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Behr's Ultra Pure White is the perfect jolt of bold, fresh-snowfall white. But, if you're looking for something a little creamier, you might prefer Ford's other fave: Sherwin-Williams's Shoji White. The color's more of an off-white, which is a bit softer in direct sunlight — more cloudlike, according to the Times — than Behr's Ultra Pure shade.

Shoji White Paint, prices vary;

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"The reason I didn’t use bright white in here was because I didn’t want this cabin to feel modern," Ford told the newspaper. "I actually made it look older than when I bought it."

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So there you have it: A creamy off-white if you're going for a more rustic vibe, bright white if you're craving something a little sleeker. Either way, you know which paint colors to test — straight from the queen of white paint herself.

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