6 Clever Ways To Use A Chest Of Drawers Outside The Bedroom

It's maybe the most underrated piece of accent furniture ever.


You might think a dresser or chest of drawers is a piece of bedroom furniture, but what if we told you that you should, actually, be placing them throughout your house? Bunny Williams just shared a game-changing hack for drawers, and clearly, it's the underrated piece of accent furniture we've all been missing.

Bunny Williams Home an Insta snap of one such vignette, and once you get past the initial,"uh, excuse me, what?" you'll be obsessed. Chests are obviously hugely practical for storage, but her arrangement proves but they can also just look really pretty when plunked somewhere unexpected.Here are some other ways you absolutely should be using chests, if you aren't already.

In Your Entryway

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This advice is particularly helpful in winter, when you're likely to lose a precious glove to the bottom of a coat closet.

As A TV Stand

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If you're handy with tools, drill a hole in the back. Then you can store all your equipment inside, and feed all the annoying cables through it to the TV.

In The Bathroom

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The vanity (and bathroom) of our farmhouse dreams.

Try One As A Sofa Table

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This one requires a longer chest, but if you've got one that's roughly the size of your sofa, it can help divide a room with an open floor plan.

...Or Maybe A Side Table?

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Ditch your tiny sofa side table and swap in a chest of drawers. It can double as storage for your remote, books, video game conrollers (hey, don't pretend you don't have them), etc., and it adds character to your living room.

As An Accent

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Have an empty wall that you just cannot stare at anymore? Put a chest on it, then use it to hold lamps, plants, or decorative accents.

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