This Socialite’s 700-Square-Foot Closet Is Absolutely Incredible

We've never seen any space quite like this before.

If you really want to see how the rich and famous live, just look inside their closets. Don't believe us? Insider's new web series will change your mind. Each video gives viewers a peek inside one of the most enviable and luxurious spaces in the world, starting with the that belongs to , a socialite in Singapore who has her own skincare line.

Since her closet is fingerprint secure, it's safe to say this video is the only way you'll see inside her most prized room. Sure, her security might seem a little over the top, but once you hear what she stores inside it, you might change your tune. First of all, she owns more than 300 pairs of shoes with an average cost of $1,500 per pair (even her sneakers are covered in diamonds).

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Then, there's her collection of more than 200 Hermès bags, which can cost between $8,000 and $300,000 dollars each. Lucite storage shelves protect her valuable purses, while also keeping them visible at all times. We're not jealous, you are.

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She designed her closet to resemble an art gallery, framing her favorite outfits and jewels so they are on full display.

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Behind these framed pieces, Chua uses a filing cabinet system to maximize the space, which includes ten different doors filled with hundreds of items. "I try to be nicely dressed, because I think it is a form of courtesy to the person that I'm meeting," Chua told about why fashion — and her closet — is such a priority for her.

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We've got to say, if we had a multimillion dollar luxury wardrobe, we'd make sure we were the only ones who could enter our closet, too. Watch the full tour here:


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