This Hotel Room Was Designed To Look Good On Instagram

There are three rules to creating a photo-ready space, according to the designers.


If you've ever wished you could jump into your phone screen and land in the luxurious living spaces that bloggers and influencers always seem to find, now's your chance. High-end clothing store is launching two branded hotel suites inside the in Las Vegas and everything about them—from the Carrara marble to the floral wallpaper—is designed to look good on Instagram.

The suites, which open to both influencers and regular folk alike today, are huge at 1,960 and 2,350 square feet. They each feature a palette of blush rose and cream which practically screams "take my picture!" The masterminds behind the design are Andrea DeRosa and Ashley Manhan from , who created a glamorous space by pairing strong, traditional architectural elements with a range of soft, romantic fabrics and feminine furnishings.

So, what exactly is an Instagram-worthy room? Well, according to Andrea and Ashley, there are three rules to follow if you want your room to be ready for pictures. First, there should be some drama involved, like a statement piece—hello, bold banana-leaf wallpaper. Then, the designers say there should be texture to create a strong visual statement. Think parquet wood flooring with brass accents. Lastly, and perhaps the most obvious, is good lighting.

Not only do the $3,000-per-night rooms look good, but they also come decked out with all the luxurious amenities that an influencer might require. The suites boast full bars, Dyson hair dryers, satin robes, and .

Andrea and Ashley's goal was to create an impactful interior with a notably aspirational component. You probably wouldn't have a birdcage-turned-chair in your own home, but the REVOLVE suite sure does.


Book your stay , and leave plenty of room in your Insta queue for the many images Ashley and Andrea hope you'll snap here.

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