11 Decorative Uses for an Old Ladder

Big or small, they work inside and outside the house.

Big or small, they work inside and outside the house.
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Eclectically Vintage
Add Bathroom Storage
An old stepladder does double-duty in Kelly from 's bathroom. Its middle rung is the perfect place for extra towels and an arrangement of fresh flowers completes the look.
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Funky Junk Interiors
Or Drape the Towels
A taller ladder can easily stand in for a towel rack — and it's a much more attractive solution, like this holiday-themed one in 's home.
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Unskinny Bop
Create a Chandelier
Ladders don't have to lean against the wall. Here, created a chandelier from an iron star, glass jars, and an old ladder.
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The Cana Family
Serve Drinks
Yes, this cool ladder-turned-drink stand is technically for a wedding, but there's no reason you can't try this trick at your next backyard bash. Throw wooden planks between the rungs to create a stable surface and start loading 'em up.
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Love Grows Wild
Store Extra Blankets
Keep something snuggly on hand for when the living room gets chilly. Bonus: A rustic ladder adds much-needed texture to the room.
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Eye Swoon
Add Plants
This Manhattan flower shop knows the perfect way to use a short ladder: Cover it in lots of greenery. Leafy flowers and old wood create a rustic, natural vignette.
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Rock That Horse
Outfit Your Kids
If your kid's wardrobe hasn't yet reached closet proportions, this is a unique way to wrangle their clothes — the space between rungs is just enough for children's small shirts.
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Christopher Johnsson
Make a Magazine Rack
Big magazine readers, keep your favorite titles (like CQ!) close at hand. Not finished reading one? Tossing the magazine over the rungs is an easy way to keep your place.
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Fall For DIY
Create a Bookshelf
glammed up this old ladder by painting it white and adding contact paper. The end result: A pretty, minimal series of shelves that are an ideal backdrop for her collection of succulents and chic knickknacks.
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Andreas Stenmann
Hang Your Pots
Danish husband-and-wife duo Camilla Ebdrup and Andreas Stenmann came up with the idea for this minimalist pot rack when they ran out of room in the cupboards.
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Store Shoes and Accessories
Prop a short ladder against a bedroom wall and use it to sort out tomorrow's outfit.
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