Jonathan Adler Wants You To Layer Your Home

It starts with a gorgeous rug.


Figuring out exactly what needs to go into your design can sometimes feel like a lot of work. But when it comes down to it, there are really only a handful of things you should consider no matter what your interior design style may be—especially since design "rules" are so overrated. In all scenarios, think layers! If for no other reason, do it because .

Next time you look at your space, ask yourself: Am I checking off all of these boxes? Because if you don't have a rug, furniture of varying heights, varying light fixtures, and the others, chances are your room looks unfinished. Here's the checklist you need to make sure your room's layers are on point:

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1 Start with a rug.

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No room is complete without an area rug to cover the floor. This is the first and arguably most important layer of any space as it sets the tone for everything on top.

2 Bring in furniture of different heights.

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A couch, coffee table, end table, lounge chairs, poufs, you name it, furniture of different heights adds a variety to the room that keeps it from getting boring (and makes it easier to rearrange when it does.)

3 Make plants a part of the space.

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Adding life to a room takes an otherwise dull space and gives it a breath of (literal) fresh air. Whether it's one standing plant or multiple different types, adding greenery is another layer you'll be thankful for incorporating.

4 Select a variety of light fixtures.

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Standing lamps, desk lamps, side lamps, chandeliers, pendants, you name it. Not only does having a variety of fixtures lighten up a space, but they also spice up your floor without overcluttering and add a little something to your otherwise empty ceiling.

5 Incorporate texture and shape.

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Whether it's a fuzzy rug, feathers in a vase, unique chandelier, or pillows, your room will thank you for not making everything have straight lines.

6 Hang stuff on the walls.

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Bare walls scream "unfinished room." Hang mirrors, shelves, artwork, lights, et cetera to pull all your other layers together.

7 Treat your windows.

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When all else is done your windows need attention. Hang curtains or other window treatments to finish the space. They're really the cherry on top of the whole design.

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