20 Vibrant Rooms That Prove Minimalism Is Out, Maximalism Is In

It's official: More is more!


Does pared-down décor reads "plain" and "sterile" to you? Have friends and family ever mocked you for what they dubbed your "overdone" décor and knack for collecting eclectic knick-knacks?

Get ready to say "I told you so" because the days of modern minimalism may be nearing an end. Taking its place? Maximalism. Think vibrant hues and wild wallpaper prints instead of white and gray shades, cozying up bare floors, tons of texture, and luxe touches of gold. Maximalists courageously douse their homes in color and patterns, preferring warm, inviting nooks over the stark spaces that you've probably already seen all over Pinterest.

Whether your decorating style is bohemian, Victorian, or rustic, there are so many ways to go big in your home. Here, our favorite spaces that bravely embrace the beautiful, cozy chaos that is maximalism.

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1 Wild Wallpaper

2 Vibrant Colors

3 Cozy Bedroom

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4 Colorful Living Room

5 Luxe Bathroom

6 Tartan and Chinoiserie
maximalist interior design
Courtesy of Scot Meacham Wood Design

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7 Collectibles on Display

8 Mixing Patterns
layering rugs home decor trend

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9 Rustic Chinoiserie-Chic

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10 Eclectic Mantle
maximalist interior design
Courtesy of The Selby

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11 Cheery Kitchen

12 Floral Wallpaper
Max Kim-Bee

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13 Inviting Office

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14 Maximalist Tile

15 Cozy Bedroom
layering rugs home decor trend
Ralph Lauren

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16 Maximalist Living Room

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17 Warm Bedroom
maximalist interior design bedroom
Anita Diaz

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18 Eclectic Kitchen

19 Vintage Maximalism
maximalist interior design
Country Living

Country Living, circa 1985

20 Stairwell Gallery Wall

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