15 "One Room Challenge" Guest Participants Who Left Us in Awe

These bloggers did not hold back.

one room challenge
Instagram via @ashleykgoldman

We're not the least bit surprised that the 20 bloggers who participated in the spring 2017 "One Room Challenge" left us surprised and delighted. But outside of the designers who partnered with from were guest participants who also nailed the six week-long challenge. They shared their spaces using the hashtag and boy, are we glad they did.

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1 A Teenage Bedroom

A post shared by Darlyn 🌿 The Crème Brûlée Home (@thecremebruleehome) on

This room, filled with millennial pink accessories, was an ultra feminine 18th birthday present for this blogger's daughter. We're convinced she loved her grown-up, but playful space.

2 A Stencil-Happy Dining Room

A post shared by Maggie (@maggieoverbystudios) on

The statement wall in this dining space isn't covered in wallpaper, as you might suspect. The designer created it using a stencil and paint and we're totally impressed.

3 A Bright Office

A post shared by Vanessa Francis (@decorhappy) on

We think Vanessa Francis totally accomplished her mission to create a functional but pretty work space. Our take? Built-ins make the tiny room feel permanent, while an inspiration wall keeps color choices on a rotating basis.

4 A Colorful Living Room

A post shared by Lauren Foster (@lovelolablog) on

Lauren Foster describes her new space as "bohemian chic" and we totally see it. By keeping the walls white and the furnishings neutral, the bright shag rug is able to take center stage.

5 A Sweet Nursery

A post shared by Oksana | FOXYOXIE.com (@foxyoxie) on

For this mom-to-be, picking the nursery for her makeover challenge was a no brainer. And we bet she's glad she did: The built-in closet will keep her life organized and the custom mobile will keep her baby smiling.

6 A Vibrant Laundry Room

A post shared by THALITA (@thelearnerobserver) on

Laundry day is can be drab enough. With that in mind, this blogger decided to give her room in a bright and uplifting design to make doing chores slightly more bearable. 

7 A Bold Bedroom

A post shared by Brenna Morgan (@brennadomesticcharm) on

This guest bedroom has a, well, awkward shape to it. So Brenna Morgan

8 A Happy Entryway

A post shared by Jess McGurn (@brightgreendoor) on

If you want a smile on your face every time you get home, all you need is to hang seriously joyful wallpaper near your front door, as proven here. 

9 A Brave Kids' Room

A post shared by Domicile37 (@domicile37) on

This blogger was inspired by a vintage, eclectic garden for her daughters' bedroom (there are two beds in this space!). Instead of sticking with expected colors (like pink or purple) she went with a wallpaper filled with oranges, blues and greens.

10 A Double Purpose Room

A post shared by Tim Lam (@designmaze_tim) on

Even though this space used to serve as a dining room, it now doubles as an office by day. That's why the designer stuck with bright whites and delicate pastels that feel awake and alive.

11 A Global Boho Kids' Bedroom

A post shared by Lizzie Ravn (@emmersonand15th) on

Even though this Lizzy Ravn rents her home, which limits her ability to paint and install, you wouldn't know it from the reveal. She took inspiration from the rug to create the fun color palette. 

12 A Lake House Living Room

A post shared by Unlimited Happy Life (@unlimitedhappy) on

Since this space is located near water, the blogger gave it a touch of nautical inspiration (like navy blue and stripes), but paired it with modern furnishings to keep the room from feeling too stuffy and traditional.

13 A Cozy Living Room

A post shared by Ashley @ The Gold Hive (@ashleykgoldman) on

This room is designed to unwind in, hence the palette of deep blues, blacks and greens, with pops of white that set a relaxing tone. The gray area rug and leather ottoman prevent the space from feeling small and cramped.

14 A Perfectly Pink Bedroom

A post shared by Coco & Jack (@coco.and.jack) on

The goal with this space was to create a feminine room for a little girl that she could grow up in over time. The blogger even got crafty and incorporated a few IKEA hacks (like the bookshelf under the window) into the space.

15 A Peaceful Escape

A post shared by NATASHA HABERMANN STUDIO (@natasha_habermann) on

Natasha Habermann wanted to give her bedroom a British colonial-inspired look, which is why she added a canopy bed and an oversized mural to create a focal point in the room.

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