Johnny Depp's Kentucky Farm Failed to Sell at Auction

The property is listed at $3 million, but it only received low bids.

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Although it generated a lot of buzz when it went on the market, no one seems to want to buy . At least, not for anything close to the listing price of . The 41-acre estate attracted only low bids at its auction on September 15, with the highest being $1.4 million (from radio personality Rick Dees of the Weekly Top 40), half of what was originally asked, told .

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That offer was rejected, and after some input from the actor, it was decided to stop the auction, reports .

"It's not over yet," Depp's business manager Edward White told the newspaper. "There are some people interested in meeting with me."

Perhaps the strange decor might have something to do with the struggle to sell? The seven-bedroom, 6,000-square-foot brick house at 5493 Versailles Road features a shag-carpeted kitchen and in the master bedroom, a television "the size of a queen bed." Still, those are easy fixes.

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The estate also boasts two horse barns, paddocks, a four-car garage, a guest house, manager's quarters and a pool.

Depp purchased the property not once but twice — most recently in 2005 for $2 million — but he didn't actually live in it. Instead, it served as a home for his mother, Betty Sue. Because of this, it was nicknamed "Betty Sue's Family Farm."

Sadly, in , Betty passed away. Now, Depp, though a native of the state, "rarely comes to Kentucky," White said. And with other estates to his name (a compound in France, a private island in the Bahamas, and five properties in Los Angeles), "It's difficult to manage all these properties," White explained.

At the auction, the suggested reserve price was $2.5 million, but no one was interested, so bidding began at $1 million, and none of the 14 registered bidders would go any higher than $1.4 million.

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