Give Your Neighbors the Creeps With Oversized Spider Halloween Decor

The eight-legged creatures are now larger than life!

giant spider decorations
Lynne Anne Bruns/Flickr Creative Commons

People with arachnophobia, beware! This outdoor decor idea is going to give you the creeps. Giant spiders are taking over homes for Halloween — the fake ones, at least.

Arachnids have long been eight-legged emblems of the eerie holiday, but this year, supersized spider decorations are popping up even more on , , and in stores.

There are so many ways to try out the trend. We've seen the creepy-crawly creatures covering rooftops, standing guard over gardens, and even framing carports.

Craft a spiderweb with or for your front porch, as shown above, or simply suspend fuzzy from your home's exterior using , , or (below).

large spider halloween decor
Rinda C/Flickr Creative Commons

For a cute-not-creepy take on the trend, Annie Thompson, the blogger behind , made some adjustments to the popular PVC pipe spider.

Googly eyes gave the homemade decoration a silly, non-threatening look that won't terrify kids, the body is actually a trash bag stuffed with leaves, which is easy to repeat each year.

diy giant spider decoration
DIY Decor Mom

Though Annie cut the pipes herself using a miter saw, a handsaw will also work. Plus, as she points out, you could also ask your local home improvement store to do that part for you. When it's time to take it apart, the skinny materials store super easily.

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