Oprah Wants You To Grow Your Own Christmas Tree, Plus All The Other Things She Loves

Everyone gets a car gift!

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You get a car gift! You get a car gift! You get a car gift! I'm serious! Oprah is back to be our saving grace this holiday season with her 2018 and there's 107 items from which to choose. I repeat, 1-0-7. So, if you can't find a gift idea for every special someone you know from this list, you're probably out of luck.

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Since each item is recommended by none other than Oprah herself, I trust she can help me pick out the perfect present. My personal favorite item from the home section on the list is kit.


For those on your list who thrive on tradition, starting a new one is always special. "Y’all know I love a good tree," . "Plant the spruce seeds from this kit, watch them sprout into a little twig of a thing, and then transplant it outside, where the sapling can grow big and strong—and be visited for years to come."

But, of course, not everyone likes to plant things and watch their hard work grow, so there are a ton of other home options that Oprah adores:

First, the "softest ever" bamboo sheet set that "may help regulate body temperature, meaning both chilly sleepers and hot flashers can get a good night’s rest." Then, there's the digital frame that allows you to "upload and share an infinite number of photos with anyone who has its companion picture frame" using the Aura app. Lastly, there's the Peruvian artisan-made pitcher that also works well as a vase.

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Not looking for home gifts, but dying to check out her other options? Here are a few:

Don't worry, that's not all! Oprah posted the .

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