13 Patriotic 4th Of July Party Ideas

Cue the fireworks!


You can't skip out on America's birthday. And if you're going to do it up, you might as well go all out with a star-spangled Independence Day celebration. With confetti-filled balloons and the most patriotic sangria you've ever seen, you'll be prepared to throw a party fit for Lady Liberty. Let freedom ring!

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Boozy Snow Cone Bar

Cheers to 'Merica with this spiked DIY snow cone bar.

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Courtesy of Sugar and Charm
Star-Painted Lawn

Turn your lawn into the ultimate spot to watch the fireworks with easy painted stars.

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Party Invites

Since you're throwing the best party on the block, start strong with a pendant banner invite. The best part: While you can order paper versions, this shop offers a printable version as well for $10.

$10, etsy.com

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Confetti Balloons

Skip the basic red, white, and blue balloon medley and opt for a dozen of these confetti-filled clear beauties instead.

$3, etsy.com

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Linen Striped Tablecloth

While this pretty linen tablecloth is certainly Independence Day appropriate, it looks just as good in your dining room all year round.

$48, etsy.com

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Star Plates

Just when you thought grilling couldn't be any more patriotic, we threw star plates into the mix. You're welcome.

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Festive Spoons

Eating ice cream gets even better when you throw red and blue swirled spoons into the mix. If you prefer stars over your stripes (hey, we don't judge), !

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Flag Wall Art

If you're tired of wreaths and have some knitting or embroidery skills, this one's for you. Just be sure to stock up on the red, white, and blue yarn first.

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$8, amazon.com

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Lady Liberty Crown

You'll need greenery, baby's breath, , and a simple to channel America's leading lady's iconic crown.

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$7, amazon.com

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Spike Ball

A fast-paced hybrid between volley ball and four square, Spike Ball is a surefire way to get the teens (and the adults!) moving after a round of burgers.

$60, amazon.com

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Star Spangled Sangria

Apples, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries incorporate the red, white and blue theme into your booze — so grab some Granny Smiths and your star cookie cutters and get slicing!

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Star Cookie Cutters, $10, amazon.com

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Sparkler Cake

Take a basic boxed cake recipe to the next level with confetti-inspired and firework .

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Sugar Sheets, $9, amazon.com

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Boat Drink Cooler

The most important part of your party? Keeping the drinks cool, of course.

$13, amazon.com

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