15 Perfect Thank You Gifts to Show Your Gratitude

When you don't have the words, give wine.

TheCityHippyStudio / West Elm

When a special someone goes above and beyond to do for you, it warrants more than a thank you note. That's where these personalized and thoughtful gifts come into play. Trust us, they'll top stationary any day.

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thank you candle
helloyoucandles on Etsy
"Thank You Most Kindly" Candle


No one can ever have too many candles, especially when they come with a message about how great you are on the back.

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lilpengeeGems on Etsy
Teal Agate Coasters

$15 and more

These gold-rimmed agate coasters are a thoughtful gift, not only because they're useful, but because they're downright gorgeous.

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thank you gift
West Elm
Elevado Planter


This handcrafted planter features a mix of dots and lines that'll add a spark of playfulness to the recipient's desk or counter.

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thank you gifts
HighTideMugs on Esty
"Thanks a Latte" Mug


We've never found a pun we didn't love. This mug will help your friend or relative start their day off with a smile.

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thank you gift
LRempelart on Etsy
Peach Roses Cotton Tea Towel


These cotton tea towels feature the painting "Peach Roses" by Lindsay Rempel on them and will instantly infuse happiness into any kitchen.

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thank you gifts
TheCityHippyStudio Favorite shop on Etsy
Custom Wine and Label

$25 for 4

There's a reason a bottle of wine is a classic gift: Everyone likes it. Personalize yours with a "thank you" label to show just how much you care.

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thank you gifts
West Elm
Geo Bottle Stopper Set

$34 for 4

You can also pair your bottle of wine with a stylish stopper, just in case the recipient doesn't make it through their cabernet in one sitting.

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thank you gift
West Elm
Pierced Porcelain Tealights


These gorgeous candle holders were inspired by the night sky and filter light to create a soft glow.

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thank you gift
TreeSawCrafts on Etsy
Golden Girls Magnets


Leave it to the Golden Girls to remind your pal that your friendship means so much to you.

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thank you gift
Crate and Barrell
Conversion Spoon Rest


Next time they have to entertain (or make family dinner), we promise the recipient will be thanking you for this sanity-saving spoon.

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thank you gift
SilverStamped on Etsy
Silver Infinity Necklace


They say good things come in tiny packages — and in this case, that means a stunning sterling silver necklace paired with a big thank you note.

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thank you gifts
WhatCandySays on Etsy
Chocolate Cubes


We don't have to tell you why this gift is so fantastic. With every bite, your friend will have a better (read: tastier) understanding of your appreciation.

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thank you gfit
MarchHarePrintCo on Etsy
Boss Lady Print


Sometimes the best kind of gift is something that'll impact a person's daily life, like a reminder of how awesome they are. We recommend giving this to your child's teacher.

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thank you gift
AlesiaMakes on Etsy
Tassel Keychain


No one can have too many keychains. This colorful design will stand out and remind her of your thanks every day.

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thank you gift box
ConfettiGiftCompany on Etsy
"My Life Would Succ Without" You Gift Box


If you can't pick between giving something sweet or something green, give both — plus a box of adorable matches and a pun-tastic card.

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