27 Christmas Garlands That Outshine Twinkly Lights

You know what they say about holiday decorations: The more the merrier.

Garlands can be used in the most unexpected ways. You can hang them on walls or across your mantel of course, or try threading them through bannisters, hanging them above doorways, or wrapping them around your Christmas tree. The possibilities are endless!

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The House That Lars Built
Secret Advent Calendar

This string of paper Christmas lights requires a bit of skill — but the fact that it doubles as an advent calendar makes it worth the effort.

What you'll need: colorful paper ($18 for a 250-pack, ), black string ($5, )

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TheLilliePad on Etsy
Advent Calendar

Why not show off your advent calendar front and center on your fireplace? It is the kids' favorite part of the holiday season, after all.

BUY NOW: $40,

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TheBlushingFig on Etsy
Pom Pom Garland

These adorable felt balls will add a pop of color to your Christmas tree without straying too far from the traditional holiday palette.

BUY NOW: $16,

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House by Heidi
Traditional Bannister

This bannister masterpiece delivers so much oomph without an ounce of crafting frustration. Simply wrap a pine garland and Christmas lights around a railing and garnish with cranberry sprigs, ribbon and glitzy foam balls. The result? A winter scene that also works as a nightlight for the kids.

What you'll need: ribbon ($11, ), fake snow ($4, )

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The Gold Jelly Bean
Bow-Tie Glam

This sparkly bow-tie garland requires just pasta, string and glitter glue. Try other shapes — a string of ditalini, perhaps — for an eclectic touch.

What you'll need: farfalle pasta ($3, ), gold glitter ($5, ), twine ($5, )

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Miki Duisterhof
Coffee Filter Flower Bursts

Just when you thought coffee couldn't be any more of a hero — these paper brown filters work seamlessly with a fireplace filled to the brim with birch.

What you'll need: coffee filters ($1 for a 200-count, ), twine ($5, )

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Tell Love and Party
Festive Felt

Sometimes, you just have to throw the Christmas color scheme to the wind. And with a DIY this easy, why not? Simply knot felt strips along a string of twine — and hang anywhere and everywhere.

What you'll need: colorful felt ($10 for a 25-pack, ), twine ($5, )

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Stone Gable Blog
Headboard Drama

This traditional, twinkling pine garland looks majestic when draped on a rustic wooden headboard. Imagine falling to sleep with the scent of pine wafting through the air, under the warm glow of flickering golden light...

What you'll need: snowflake ornament ($6 for a 10-pack, ), Christmas lights ($8, )

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Candy Cane Wall Art

Who really eats all of the candy canes in a box, anyway? Put them to good use with this easy string-and-hang DIY. We're loving this blogger's interpretation — three pepperminty strings above an unexpected (but surprisingly festive!) orange throw pillow.

What you'll need: twine ($5, ), candy canes ($32 for a 48-pack, )

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Studio DIY
Multicolor Paper Lights

This blogger turned paper light garlands into balloon strings, but we think they're perfect for stringing across your mantel.

What you'll need: colorful paper ($18 for a 250-pack, ), black string ($5, )

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The Tom Kat Studio
Tree Wrap

If you thought garlands belong on mantels and walls only, we think this tree (which has us dreaming of a white Christmas) will change your mind.

What you'll need: cardboard letters ($8 for a 26-pack, ), twine ($5, ), white paint ($4, )

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Jose Picayo
Bells and Whistles

Designer Robert Rufino says the trick to this dramatic railing display is to create a definitive shape with paper wedding bells (which are store-bought). Use fishing line to secure them in place and don't be afraid to add more than you think are necessary.

Get the tutorial at CQ »

What you'll need: paper bells ($9 for a 12-pack, )

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Homey Oh My
Merry Pine

This blogger used wire, floral string and Australian pine from Whole Foods to create this minimal holiday arrangement.

What you'll need: floral wire ($5, )

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Life is Rosier
Double Merry

A message so nice, we'll string it twice.

BUY NOW: $20,

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The Sweetest Occasion
Mini Rosemary Wreaths

These mini wreaths are so cute and so doable. Secure sprigs of rosemary around tiny embroidery hoops with floral wire and attach to a cherry-red string of twine.

What you'll need: mini wreaths ($7 for a 3-pack, ), red string ($8, amazon.com)

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Say Yes
Starry Night

We love this blogger's clever black backdrop to her silver, white and gold star project — it's as if we're looking at a perfectly crisp winter sky.

What you'll need: twine ($5, ), star scrapbook cutouts ($4 for a 25-pack, )

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Enduring Vision
Evergreen and Twine

Try draping this garland across a doorway's white crown molding for a touch of nature.

BUY NOW: $26,

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House and Home
Blue, White and Gold

Move over red and green: This blogger's icy railing display is proof that the best festive decor often goes against the grain.

What you'll need: tissue paper pom-poms ($14 for a 12-pack, )

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Clean and Scentsible
Pinecones and Cranberries

Susan from actually bleached these pinecones before stringing them alongside real cranberries. (For their golden effect, submerge pinecones from your backyard in bleach for two days.)

What you'll need: pinecones ($19 for a 50-pack, ), cranberry garland ($10, )

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The Proper Blog
Reindeer Formation

We bet you'll catch your kids singing the lyrics to "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" while dancing underneath this dashing garland.

What you'll need: brown paper ($13 for a 50-pack, ), red and white string ($6, )

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The Happier Homemaker
Red-and-White Pom-Poms

This blogger files this pom-pom DIY garland under Valentine's Day projects — but we think it's just as appropriate for Christmas. A DIY that you'll break out twice a year? Definitely worth doing.

What you'll need: red yarn ($6, ), white yard ($7, )

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Miss Mustard Seed
Muted Stockings

These neutral stockings are actually recycled pieces of grain sacks. Painted blue and white, they make for a pretty garland that doesn't disrupt the vibe of this space.

What you'll need: twine ($5, )

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Rose Garden

Red and green rose buds are in full bloom on this staircase — even if it is sub zero outside.

BUY NOW: $48,

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Fireflies and Mudpies
Hang and Sniff

A garland that combines the sweet (and simultaneously savory) scents of cinnamon, roasted apple and fresh citrus with pretty aesthetics? Sign us — or should we say, string it — up.

What you'll need: twine ($5, )dried apples ($4, )

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Create Craft Love
Twinkly Burlap

This project requires little more than tying your favorite holiday ribbon and strips of burlap around a string of Christmas lights. Wrap this beauty around your tree, a bed post or your porch's railing — the options are truly limitless.

What you'll need: burlap ribbon ($19, ), Christmas lights ($8, )

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SwankyPartyBox on Etsy
Rustic Chic

If farm house or rustic decor defines your roost, this modified pennant garland, with burlap trim and plaid lettering, is an absolute necessity.

BUY NOW: $20,

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thediylab on etsy
Punchy Trees

Kids will beg you to let them keep this adorable, sparkly Christmas tree garland up all year long. Now that's a first.

BUY NOW: $30,

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