20 Small Christmas Trees That Make a Big Impact

Bigger isn't always better — especially in the case of pine needles.

Rusty Hinge + Tara Dennis

If you live in a small home or just want to add on to your main tree, mini Christmas trees are for you. But don't let their tiny stature fool you — they'll add a super-size dose of Christmas cheer to your home. You'll see.

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Max Kim-Bee
"Countree" Style

What's a Southern Christmas without a burlap garland? This mini tree — complete with a rustic tin base and jolly ornaments — is about as pretty as it gets.

What you'll need: burlap garland ($21, ), ornaments ($18 for a 68-pack, ), tin bucket ($13, ) 

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The Merrythought
Basket Base

If you're a minimalist, this whicker and sheepskin tree is for you. The secret here is to put an upside-down bucket into the basket before placing the tree on top. This way, the tree's bottom branches won't be scrunched.

What you'll need: wicker basket ($79, ), furry blanket ($98, )

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Family Sponge
Bookworm Tree

So pine isn't for you. We get it. But if books are your thing, then this light-wrapped literary display (complete with the cutest pine cone "tree" topper) might be right up your alley.

What you'll need: large pinecone ($5, ), Christmas lights ($11, )

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Seth Smoot
Boughs and Jars

If you really don't have room for a tree, opt for this aesthetically pleasing pine arrangement instead. Simply fill oversized jars with water and insert boughs of pine or cypress. Oh, and adorn with festive ornaments, of course.

What you'll need: oversized glass vases ($59, ), colorful ornaments ($12 for a 6-pack, )

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Shanty 2 Chic
Burlap Wrap

For a shabby chic vibe, try wrapping strands of burlap around an already-twinkling tree.

What you'll need: burlap ribbon ($19, ), Christmas lights ($11, )

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Vintage Whites Blog
Cake Stand Tree

Who needs cake when you have a tinsel tree? This blogger cleverly placed ornaments on the stand instead of the tree, which would have buckled under their weight. But back to the cake — there will still be dessert, right?

What you'll need: white cake stand ($39, ), colorful ornaments ($18 for a 24-pack, )

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Style Me Pretty
Illustrated Branches

This blogger went back to the drawing boards — literally — for a complete Christmas redesign. This small, hand drawn tree becomes 3D by hanging ornaments on appropriately-placed nails. Pretty clever.

What you'll need: small vintage ornaments ($5, ), white paint pen ($5, ), brown paper ($20, )

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Rusty Hinge
Sleigh Base

Sometimes one small tree just isn't enough. And that vintage sleigh-stand has us humming one of our favorite Christmas tunes. "Dashing through the snow..."

What you'll need: vintage sled ($45, )

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Apartment 34
Scandinavian Tree

Keep the branches, but nix the pine with this simple, Scandinavian-inspired DIY. Attach birch branches with twine (in a Christmas tree shape, that is) and hang ornaments and quirky curios with fishing line.

What you'll need: birch sticks ($35 for a 9-pack, ), Scandinavian ornaments ($26 for a 2-pack, )

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Jar of Pine

If the other trees in this group are small, these guys must be micro. With proper care (including healthy soil and frequent waterings), these potted pine jars will last over two months — much longer than your average tree.

What you'll need: metal mug ($14, )

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Tree Stand 2.0

You'll have to say goodbye to your breakfast table for a few months, but this stunning display is worth it.

What you'll need: wicker basket ($12, ), colorful ornaments ($18 for a 24-pack, )

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Sam Henderson
Pinecone Tree

It's Christmas, which means it's all about family, right? The coniferous family, especially. Substitute traditional pine with it's offspring, the pinecone.

What you'll need: pinecones ($13 for a 12-pack, ), metal cake stand ($50, )

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Craftberry Bush
Centerpiece Tree

Your tree is often the center of your home's holiday decor — but a mini tree can be the centerpiece of your winter tablescape. Simply pot pine and insert pops of red, like cranberry or poinsettia bursts.

What you'll need: galvanized flower pot ($18, )

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Mer Mag
Shelf Tree

No floorspace? That doesn't mean you have to shelve a Christmas tree entirely (ha, see what we did there?). Follow this blogger and install IKEA RIBBA picture ledge shelves in a Christmas tree shape for a festive twist. Feel free to make this one as big or small as you see fit.

What you'll need: floating shelves set ($24 for a 4-pack, ), Christmas lights ($11, )

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Unskinny Boppy
Belted Base

A belt holds up this trees burlap skirt for a most flattering (and rustic) display.

What you'll need: burlap sack ($5, ), brown belt ($33, )

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Lara Robby/Studio D
Colorful Vase

Office supplies get the job done yet again. Stud Styrofoam balls with pushpins or wrap them with kitchen twine for a textured finish. 

What you'll need: brass tacks ($7, ), bakers twine ($10, ), ribbon ($4, ), styrofoam balls ($5, ), amazing goop all-purple adhesive ($8, )

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Tara Dennis
Paper Trees

If you've got a little more time to spare, craft Christmas tree table toppers — using magazine pages (so clever!). 

What you'll need: gray spray paint ($7, ), white glitter spray paint ($7, )

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Finding Home Farms
Stacked Branches

Stuff galvanized flower buckets with fresh pine, draw on a festive message and light it all up with twinkly lights!

What you'll need: chalk pen ($3, ), galvanized buckets ($18, ), Christmas lights ($9, )

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Spoon Trees

This  project is dominating Pinterest right now — and we can 100% see why.

What you'll need: plastic spoons ($9, ), gray spray paint ($12, )

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The Sweet Escape
Mini Tree Centerpiece

Bring a winter landscape to your Christmas tablescape — add votive candles to slabs of birch for a simple but stunning centerpiece.

What you'll need: wooden slabs ($11, ), votive candles ($13, )

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