16 Easy Christmas Centerpieces That Bring All the Joy

Rejoice: You can try any of these and still see and talk to your guests!

If the Christmas tree is the keystone of your holiday home, the Christmas centerpiece is the heart of your feast. Here's where you'll find all the inspiration you need for your prettiest, most festive Christmas table yet.

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remodelando la casa
Epsom Salt Luminaries

Your holiday dinner will look even more appetizing thanks to the soft glow of this DIY centerpiece.

What you'll need: mason jars ($9 for a 2-pack, ), epsom salt ($11, ), Mod Podge ($9, )

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love create celebrate
Boxwood Wreath Details

Instead of hanging your wreaths from doors this Christmas, embrace them on your table with pillar candles to make a simple statement.

What you'll need: mini boxwood wreath ($13, ), cylinder glass vase ($13, ), white candles ($15 for a 6-pack, ) 

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Live DIY Ideas
Gift Bag Galore

Switch up Christmas grab bags for something a bit more glam. Brush brown paper gift bags with white paint, creating a snowy scene. Stuff with pine and branches before finishing with a wrap of charm-adorned twine. Neutral, minimal, beautiful.

What you'll need: brown bags ($22 for a 100-pack, ), white paint ($4, ), twine ($6, ), star ornaments ($12 for a 2-pack, )

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33 Shades of Green
Festive Floating Flora

This vivid centerpiece will take you just a few minutes. Simply fill various jars with water — stop just a few inches below the brim — and add American and Michigan holly. Purchase floating candles for a warm bonus.

What you'll need: cylinder vase ($56, ), berry branches ($35 for a 6-pack, )

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Julie Blanner
Winter Fruits

Play with height for this pine, pomegranate and candle centerpiece. Drape sprigs of pine clippings on the tabletop and place a winter fruit like pomegranate (clementines or figs could work too) where branches meet. Stagger taper candles in a zig-zag formation to add yet another layer to this textured centerpiece.

What you'll need: fake pomegranates ($13 for a 6-pack, ), white candlesticks ($13 for a 12-pack, )

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The Sweet Escape
Birch Tiers

Invite winter's best features into your home and onto your tabletop — circles of sweet birch offer a snow-covered effect when set against flickering votive candles.

What you'll need: birch wood slices ($15 for a 4-pack, ), bottle brush trees ($14 for a 6-pack, )

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The Merrythought
Floating Pine Candles

Place cut sprigs of pine in skinny-necked, water-filled bottles and top with taper candles for a stunning and simple arrangement. Picture ten of these in a row — the more the merrier.

What you'll need: vase ($56, ), white candlesticks ($13 for a 12-pack, )

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Make Them Wonder
Icicle Branches

These "frozen" branches require a bundle of curly willow, tacky glue and diamond vase filler. Place in different sized vases in the center of your table for a perfect winter scene.

What you'll need: tacky glue ($5, ), diamond vase filler ($7 for a 60-pack, )

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Not Your Standard
Winter Roses

Get creative with the base filler of your winter floral arrangements — try filling a square vase with fake cranberries before inserting cream colored roses. After the feast, place this beauty on your coffee table as a memento of your family dinner for the rest of the week.

What you'll need: square vase ($26, ), fake cranberries ($19 for a 72-pack, )

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Shanty 2 Chic
Ornament Pendulum

Doesn't this blogger's centerpiece of hanging ornaments look like a pendulum? You might want to discourage the kids from swinging glass orbs side-to-side, though.

What you'll need: twine ($4, ), ornaments ($21 for a 3-pack, )

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Yellow Bliss Road
Mason Jar Scene

Would you believe that the snowy base of these mason jars is epsom salt? Layer in cranberries, sprigs of juniper and candles, of course, for a stunning display. Alternate candle-lit and juniper mason jars for added country flair.

What you'll need: fake cranberries ($19 for a 72-pack, ), epsom salt ($11, ), mason jars ($9 for a 2-pack, )

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The North End Loft
Mini Christmas Trees + Cranberry

Your Christmas tree is oftentimes the center of your home's holiday decor — why not make mini versions the center of your Christmas dinner table? Choose real (mmm, the smell of pine at dinner) or faux trees and place them in a wooden box. Adorn with a cranberry garland — and any other decorations you see fit.

What you'll need: wooden box ($17, ), cranberry garland ($9, ), mini Christmas trees ($3, )

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Nocturnal Pedastal

A dramatic candelabra gets a Christmas makeover with a burst of pine and wintry floral accents, like pinecones, glittery branches and fake fruits. The defining touch? A cute peek-a-boo owl to oversee the feast. What a hoot.

What you'll need: owl ($12, ), pinecones ($5 for an 8-pack, ), 

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My Modern Country
Reclaimed Pallet Box

The possibilities are endless with this pallet DIY project. After this blogger's husband constructed this box from reclaimed wood (a project that cost ... absolutely nothing), she added pinecones, bells, cranberries and candles for a stunning centerpiece that truly steals the show.

What you'll need: rustic pallet box ($9, ), pinecones ($5 for an 8-pack, ), cranberry garland ($9, ), white candlesticks ($13 for a 12-pack, )

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Liz Marie Blog
Dough Bowl Overflow

This blogger used everything but the kitchen sink to curate this overflowing Christmas centerpiece — but there is beauty in the excess. Candles, draped lights, pine cones, a horse miniature and a Christmas tree make for a dynamic visual arrangement.

What you'll need: rustic bowl ($119, ), pinecones ($5 for an 8-pack, ), mini snowy tree ($70, )

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A Night Owl Blog
Teal + Bells

Forget silver and gold — teal and gold makes for an equally stunning (and surprisingly festive) Christmas scene. This project couldn't be easier — simply purchase a bag of jingle bells and three candles in the same hue. Put it all together on a rectangular serving dish and light candles 15 minutes before guests arrive for a sweet-smelling Christmas night.

What you'll need: jingle bells ($5 for an 18-pack, ), teal candles ($17 for a 3-pack, )

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