This Pumpkin Skullulent Is the Only Halloween Decor You Need

And it's actually easy to make!

If you've been following along with D.I.Wine, you probably know that I am not the world's greatest DIY-er. Which means that what I'm going to tell you really holds some weight: A Pumpkin Skullulent is the best, easiest, Halloween decoration you will ever make. Mmhmm. And, when your neighbors see it, they'll want to copy you immediately.


All of the credit goes to Kirsten Nunez of , who came up with the idea of a . Though she used faux pumpkins and plants in her version, we decided to go all in with real pumpkins and succulents. Spoiler: We did not use real skulls.

Using a carving kit that you can grab at Target or Michaels, we were able to remove the top of the pumpkin fairly easily. The bigger your succulents and skull is, the wider your hole should be. Once you carve it and remove the insides (the carving kit comes with a scooper), all that's left to do is fill it with soil, plant the succulents, and add the skull. It took a little over an hour to make it, probably because we had to drink our cider rum buckets (yeah, you read that right) and were breaking all of the rules.

Read the full directions on how to make it , and buy the materials below.

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