edgewood hall floors

Expert Renovation Tips

How to Choose the Best Floors for Your Home

Designer Eddie Ross mixes materials in the renovation of his 1920s home.

faucets and light fixtures
How to Choose the Best Lighting for Your Home
Designer Eddie Ross learned the hard way that when it comes to outle…
Eddie Ross doors and windows
Tips for Buying the Best Doors and Windows
Designer Eddie Ross finds the balance between old-world character an…
mint green kitchen
How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Don't fly blind on this tricky DIY.

Eddie Ross
What You Should Keep and Toss When Renovating
Eddie Ross, designer and author, plays “save or scrap” at his new fi…
For all of your home improvement endeavors, learn how the pros do by reading up on everything from ceilings to floorboards.
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chip and joanna gaines
The 10 Greatest Things We Learned From Chip and Joanna in 2016

We've already tried #5 at home (and you should, too!).

This Is What a $4,000 Mudroom Makeover Looks Like

So long, unfinished walls and popcorn ceiling!

6 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Major Reno

We consulted with seasoned pros: Frank and Sherry Fontana, the stars of FYI Network's newest show "Downtown Shabby."

how to find a contractor according to the property brothers
4 Things the Property Brothers Always Do Before Hiring a Contractor

Don't even think about tackling a renovation before checking these to-dos off your list.

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mistakes new house flippers make
The #1 Mistake New House Flippers Make

It's not as easy as some TV stars would have you believe.

These Are the Most Popular Exterior Home Colors

Hints of blue might just be the new "it" trend.

People Are Calling Out These Reality TV House Flippers for Scamming Them

Apparently, their real estate seminars didn't deliver what they promised.

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The 8 Biggest Renovation Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Property Value

Because the next owner might not love heated floor tiles. 

<p>The house is a rarity in Dallas — a 1926 Georgian in its original state. <a href="http://www.computerquiz.info/home-remodeling/interior-designers/a4909/tom-scheerer-georgian-manor-interview" target="_blank">Read more about the designer's inspiration here.</a></p><p><em>This story originally appeared in the December 2015/January 2016 issue of</em> House Beautiful. </p><p><a href="http://www.computerquiz.info/shopping/a2547/december-january-2015-resources/" target="_blank">For more details, see Resources.</a> </p>
This Is the #1 Renovation You Should Make Before Selling Your Home

Fix up this one room, and you're ready to go on the market. 

10 Furniture Problems You Can Fix Yourself

A professional furniture restorer shares her secrets on making repairs that last.

Improve a less-than-stellar piece with paint, patience, and my tricks. I had the oops moments; now you can learn from them.
The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Painting Furniture

Tack cloths: They can be your best friend or your worst enemy. 

10 Common House Features You Didn't Know Had a Name

You probably stroll through your home's enfilade every day.

9 Minor Tweaks That Make Your Kitchen Feel Remodeled

When you can't afford a total gut job, focus on these specific changes instead.

5 Inexpensive Upgrades That Can Increase Your Home's Value

A few small changes can reap considerable rewards.

Finally! How to Hide Your TV's Ugly Wires for Just $15

Tuck those cables behind your wall for a cleaner look.

7 Ways You Might Be Seriously Damaging Your Home in Winter

But with these preventive measures, you can avoid costly repairs.

11 New Year's Resolutions for Old House Owners

And ensure that little projects don't morph into huge ones.

30 Essential Items You Need to Have in Your Toolbox

Anyone with a home should have a proper toolbox. Here's your answer to what should be inside it.