This "Fixer Upper" Dollhouse Is So Perfect, It's Hard to Believe It's Real

What we wouldn't give to live here ...

After the from Season 3 and the from the last episode, we didn't think Fixer Upper homes could get any smaller. But one mom just proved us wrong with a teeny-tiny, truly remarkable feat: a dollhouse she renovated to look just like a Joanna Gaines design!

When Kwandaa Roberts, Philadelphia-area-based OB-GYN, bought her 3-year-old daughter a , she decided to give it a few homey updates, reports of Columbia, SC. That project sparked a new passion, and soon she had purchased the from Joanna's own and pulled a full-blown Fixer Upper renovation so stunning, we want to live in it.

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Here's what it looked like before...

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia wooden dollhouse ($130, )

And here's the "after."

fixer upper dollhouse
Courtesy of Kwandaa Roberts

We're talking fresh paint, an open floor plan, Magnolia Home-inspired furniture, and (you guessed it) shiplap! Though Roberts tells she hasn't heard anything from Chip and Jo yet, we're sure they would be so proud.

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The kitchen boasts beautiful subway tile, a marble island, and gleaming appliances.

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In the bathroom, we spy a double-sink vanity, trendy round mirrors, and even a .

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And because it's all about the details, the bedroom even has Chip's book, , on the bedside table.

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Roberts purchased most of the dollhouse furniture, which she then repainted, reupholstered, and in some cases, completely transformed in true HGTV style.

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She built the bunkbed in the kids' room using using craft wood and clapboards. It was inspired by one Chip built on the show.

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Altogether, Roberts said she spent about $200 on the project (that's after the $129 for the dollhouse itself).

"The dollhouse was a way for me to have a creative outlet for designing that didn't involve me redecorating my house every six months," Roberts told the news station. "I have designed homes for my friends in the past, I surprised a friend with a total apartment makeover when I was a medical resident, and he cried at the 'reveal.' It was one of the best feelings I've ever experienced."

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Probably because of that passion for interior design, she said she was drawn to play with the dollhouse after her kids went to sleep. Now, she's found her new hobby — though according to WIS TV, her works of art are not for sale.

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