This Floating Pink Convertible Limo Is the Best Way to Tour the Florida Keys

BRB, packing our bags!

If cruising through the waters of the Florida Keys in a pink convertible is on , you need to get in touch with Captain Joe Fox.

Fox is the proud owner of the , touted as the Keys' "." He offers aboard the six-seater that's designed to resemble a '77 Cadillac stretch limo.

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Fox has been building boats since he was 12 years old, and he pulled out all the stops for the famous Nautilimo. It is complete with a faux grill, wheels, and headlights. There's even a spare tire holder mounted on the rear bumper with the words "Only in the Keys" written on it. Oh, and did we mention the entire car is Barbie pink?

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Round up your girlfriends and , depending on how you want to explore the area. Choose between snorkeling and swimming stops, tarpon feeding, bar hopping, and more — or just kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride (with plenty of jealous stares from onlookers.)

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are reasonable, starting at $60 for two people and $10 for each additional passenger.

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