Chip Gaines Has a Very Controversial Opinion About Avocado Toast

The HGTV star is not a fan of the brunch staple.


has divided the internet with his stance on a : avocado toast.

The HGTV star is apparently not a fan of the popular snack, and expressed his opinion while having breakfast with Joanna on .

"That’s disgusting, babe. Nobody wants avocado on their toast," he complained to .

Joanna tried to change Chip's mind, breaking down the ingredients of the recipe while insisting that he would love it. Alas, her husband wasn't sold.

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The conversation about avocado toast didn't end there. Chip used the street-facing marquee of the couple's new restaurant, , to poll the public about the snack.

"Avocado toast? Honk once for yes, twice for no."

After , the debate went viral as Fixer Upper fans argued their own opinions on social media.

Some people took Chip's side ...

While others joined Joanna on #TeamAvocado.

And one clever fan had a compromise we can all get behind: avocado and bacon.

Despite Chip's complaints, the divisive dish made it onto . The brunch staple is made with wheat-berry toast and fresh avocado, topped with red pepper flakes, garlic aioli, and salt.

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Customers seem to love it, but if you're on Chip's side, don't worry: There are plenty of , and they all sound delicious. Check out the full spread .

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