Christina El Moussa's Working On A New HGTV Show — Without Ex-Husband Tarek

Here's everything you need to know.

Christina On The Coast TV Show

Christina El Moussa's making a strong case for that whole "change your hair, change your life" argument. Weeks after chopping off her signature mermaid waves, she's cutting loose in a whole new way: This time, it's her first solo HGTV show, where she won't be sharing top billing with her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa.

Christina On The Coast will debut on the network early next year, Christina announced on Instagram, and it'll be less knock-down-the-walls renovation and more design-focused. It's a change the HGTV star is so ready for.

"I’m excited to do my own thing," she told . "It’s going to be fun and light-hearted. I feel like it’s a win-win."

The First Episode Will Get Really Personal.

Christina's launching the eight-episode series by tackling her own home first. She recently sold the Yorba Linda house she'd shared with her ex, prior to their separation, and is in the process of buying a house in Newport Beach, CA. It'll show a more personal side of the star, since this time around, she's not designing for what sells (while sticking to a flip budget); she's designing based on what she loves the most.

"In flipping, you want to keep it more streamline — you want to appeal to the masses," she explained during an interview with ABC.

Christina El Moussa In New York
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Oh, and don't be surprised if boyfriend Ant Anstead or her kids, Taylor and Brayden, make a few cameos — part of the goal of the series is to show Christina IRL, balancing parenthood, her career, and her new relationship, according to a press release.

"Fans also are deeply vested in her personal life and eager to see ‘what happens next’—so we’re bringing them the opportunity to share in these real-life moments in a way that no one else can," HGTV and Food Network president Allison Page said.

But It's Not All About Her.

Yes, the show's called Christina On The Coast, but after tackling her house, Christina will turn her focus outward, meeting with families and helping them redesign their homes.

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"I’ll be able to do what I like more, which is the design part," she told People. "That’s always been what I’m good at, and people are always asking me to come help them do their house. It’s going to be fun to be able to add my taste, and not have a flip budget."

Calling All The Shots May Be A Refreshing Twist From Sharing The Spotlight.

Those aren't the only perks, though. Christina will also benefit from more creative control. As she discussed during an interview with , she's seen Flip Or Flop evolve over the years.

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"At the beginning, it was different because we’re kind of taking on different roles," Christina said. "Tarek is being more involved with design now, where that was my role before. ... I have to be a little bit more amiable as far as how everything is done."

With her own solo series, her design compromises will only come from the other homeowners.

She's Not The Only One Going Solo.

There's no word whether Tarek will make an appearance on Christina On The Coast, but that doesn't mean you'll be seeing less of the star. HGTV announced that they're in talks to develop a project with him as well. Who knows, maybe it'll follow the reno of his bachelor pad? We'll keep an eye out.

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