This House-Flipping Startup Eliminates The Most Stressful Part Of Buying A Home

No Brady Bunch-style bidding wars here.

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Flipping houses is no simple feat. Even just buying a home, no reno needed, can be hellacious. So if you could skip the renovation process and the bidding game (and avoid a Lance Bass vs. HGTV-like catastrophe), why wouldn't you?

, a new startup by , will help you leave the hassle behind. According to , the company is the first all-in-one home purchasing experience, meaning all of the listings featured are homes they've bought and completely renovated already. So you reap the rewards without having to actually do the physical labor (or hire the construction team). Oh, and as part of that all-in-one promise, they offer their own mobile tours, notary, and mortgage services.

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Unlike the rest of the real estate world, though, Bungalo Chief Operating Officer Greg Stewart , "We're prioritizing the consumer experience over trying to squeeze out every last dollar out of the transaction." They're doing so by selling the listed homes not to the highest bidder, but the first bidder who pre-qualifies for the list price, . Bungalo has developed its own proprietary tech to determine the list price, which includes the cost of agent commissions and their remodeling work, so you probably won't get a steal. But if you hate the thought of haggling—or launching into bidding wars with other buyers—this might be a good option for you.

While the company has 150 homes in various stages of renovation, with 30 on the market, they're only offered in two cities for now: and . Don't worry though—the company plans on expanding to other areas in the future.

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