This Fireplace Is Actually LED And Everyone’s Raving About It

I'm obsessed.

Electric Fireplace

No shade to the real fireplace and yule log video gangs (I'm a happy member of both), but influencers are making a strong case for electric flames. Specifically energy saving LED ones and I'm currently wondering if it's not too extra to have all of the above?

Should you not have a working fireplace to curl up next to during the winter and, say, the Property Brothers' yule log just isn't doing it for you, has you covered. Their is brilliant—whether you have a non-functioning fireplace you want to install it inside or wish to simply build out your wall and add a mantle, this is for you (and you'll save $$ by not dealing with chimney or gas line installations).

Not only is it an Amazon's Choice item, but it has over 300 five-star reviews. One person even calls it the "," adding "This is nothing like the cheesy little built-ins you see on the TV entertainment centers at discount stores. This fireplace is...well, BEAUTIFUL!...The embers dance in the logs, it looks like there's a flame underneath the logs. So realistic!"

Amazon Customer

Of course, while beauty is a necessity when it comes to purchasing an electric fireplace, function is equally as important. The same as the one above shared that because the unit requires a standard plug, you don't even have to worry about hardwiring it. This makes it incredibly easy to install, so you can immediately warm it up.

Because any electric fireplace that's even remotely realistic must emit heat, right? RIGHT. Being the realistic fireplace insert that it is, it does just that—heating anywhere from 60 to 84 degrees to provide supplemental heating for up to 400 square feet.

Bloggers and get the hype! See how they've styled theirs for the season:

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Finally, dreaming by the fire can be everyone's reality.

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