Why Sarah Richardson Is One Of Our Favorite HGTV Stars

Aside from running her own design business, she's worked on eight HGTV shows.

Even if you don't recognize 's face, you've definitely seen her designs. She's the host, co-creator, or co-producer of over 250 episodes of HGTV shows, but more than that, she's an incredibly talented designer. Here are a few of the reasons you need her on your radar.

She Didn't Actually Get Her Start In Interiors

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Though Richardson has run her own design business for over 15 years, she actually got her start as a . Realizing there was a niche in design TV for her practical approach, she launched her first TV series for HGTV in 2000, Room Service. To date, she's worked on eight HGTV shows, including Design Inc., Sarah's House, Sarah's Cottage, Sarah's Rental Cottage, Sarah 101, Sarah Off the Grid, and Real Potential.

She's Not American

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Though she has a wide North American fan base and her shows air on HGTV, Richardson is actually Canadian. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two daughters.

Accessibility Is Kind Of Her Thing

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If you just cannot deal with picture-perfect, super elegant rooms that you know your own family would instantly track dirt into, Richardson is your girl. She takes an easygoing, practical —but that doesn't mean she sacrifices aesthetic. Richardson brings a timeless elegance to decor that feels accessible, but still totally swoon-worthy.

Girl's Got Style

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Seriously? Would we look this chic on a disgusting rainy day? That'd be a hard no.

"Best-Selling" Author Is Also On Her Resume

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Sarah Style, $30, amazon.com

In addition to dominating the design television world and owning her own business, she's also written two bestselling books: Sarah Style and At Home: Sarah Style.

You Can Shop Her Style...Right Now

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Oh, and if TV, design, and books weren't enough, she's also designed a , with everything from wallpaper to bedding to stationary. And you're going to want it all.

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