Chip Gaines Reveals How Joanna Keeps Him in Line When He’s 'Off the Tracks'

"She's scary," joked the former Fixer Upper host.

Fixer Upper fans have witnessed it more than once: As Joanna Gaines thoughtfully discusses a home, Chip cracks a joke that sends her into giggles. The transformations featured on the HGTV show were stunning, sure, but it was these interactions between the serious designer and her lighthearted contractor husband that made it a must-watch.

Still, as enviable as their may seem, Chip admits there are times when he may take things a bit too far. In a recent interview, asked the former reality TV star, entrepreneur, and "hobbyist" rancher how he knows if he's "in the doghouse" with Joanna.

Fixer Upper, Season 5

"When either of us are off the tracks or kind of lost our minds in one way or the other, you know, a little look, a little side eye certainly goes a long way for sure," he said. "And she’s got a nasty one. She's scary."

Stern facial expressions aside, these two have stayed strong through five seasons of the series, , and .

"Jo and I know each other; we have always been really good to each other," he explained of their relationship. "We believe that part of the magic in our marriage is just the simple fact that we care sincerely about one another."

Happily, viewers may get to see more of the couple (and their kids!) soon. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this fall, Chip revealed that they're in the process of discussing with Discovery.

"We signed a non-disclosure and it said quote unquote you can tell your mother but that’s it," Chip joked. Joanna tried to stop him—but he ignored the side eye that time. "So Mom, I just wanted to make a quick announcement:

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