Sick Baby? These Bath Bombs Help Them Breathe Better

Goodbye, congestion!

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When you have a sick baby on your hands, all you want is to help them feel better. Parents go to quite the length to do so — , anyone? , a brand known for , has a genius (and less gross) way to help with your baby’s congestion.

Natural Vapor Bath Bombs are similar to regular bath bombs in that they dissolve in the tub. What makes these special is that they have natural eucalyptus and lavender oils — both of which have been . The bath bomb was designed to help soothe cold and flu symptoms and help your baby breathe better.

Fridababy Natural Vapor Bath Bombs

The on Instagram on March 1. You can get it, as well as many other Fridababy products, on and . Each pack has three bombs for $8. One buyer said, “This ! I gave him a bath right before bedtime and he was finally able to get a good night’s rest for the first time in a week.”

So the next time your parenting sense are tingling that your little one is sick, comfort them with a soothing bath bomb.

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