You Can Bring Your Dog to This Movie Theater — and Tickets Include Unlimited Wine

The perfect Saturday night doesn't exi–

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Dogs are better than people, and they just might make better movie dates, too. in Plano, Texas is just one movie theater that allows dogs to attend. However, this one also provides unlimited wine with your ticket purchase. Is this what heaven is like?

When you for a movie, your dog gets in for free and you can sip on vino all night. (You’ll have to buy an additional pup ticket if you bring two furry best friends.) There are snacks for both humans and pups available, and you can even so you can skip the line.

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Part of the fun at this theater is that you don’t know what movie you’re going to see until you get there. “We are testing a ‘surprise showing’ to announce the fun dog-themed movie upon your arrival,” the movie theater’s website . Past screenings include the film Up.


You’re in for a great night with plenty of dogs and wine, but just make sure you follow the : clean up after your pet, provide valid papers from your pet’s vet on your first visit, and there is a maximum of two dogs per human.

We truly don’t know who is going to have more fun here — you or your pup.

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