HGTV “Good Bones” Star Mina Starsiak Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Struggle for Baby No. 2

The 31-year-old was candid about wanting to give Baby Jack a sibling.

Good Bones Mina Starsiak Baby Pregnancy Struggle Instagram
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  • Good Bones star Mina Starsiask shared an Instagram post about struggling to get pregnant with a second child.
  • The HGTV host and her husband, Steve Hawk, have an 11-month-old named Jack.
  • Currently, Mina is using the fertility tracker, Ava Women, to help her conceive.

    It seems like just yesterday when star Mina Starsiak and her husband, Steve Hawk, announced the birth of their baby boy—Jack Richard Hawk—making fans smile with . Baby Jack was born in August 2018, and just shy of his first birthday, HGTV host Mina has shared that she’s ready for baby number two. But the 31-year-old was candid about her struggle of becoming pregnant again.

    “This nugget came easy but #2 is being far more stubborn!” . “I can’t seem to get my bodies schedule figured out but I’m rocking ​@avawomen to figure it out for me.​ You just wear this to bed and it measures signals in your body to pinpoint your fertile days. Fingers crossed for #2 soon!”

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    Posing with 11-month-old Jack, Mina said that she's been trying to get pregnant for the second time, but it hasn't been easy. To help with the process, she started using —a bracelet worn at night that aims to give insight into menstrual cycles, fertility, and pregnancy.

    With Season 4 of Good Bones currently underway, she's been keeping herself busy by using the KonMari method around her home, including closets. While Mina thoughtfully went through her clothes, Baby Jack observed his mom from the bed.

    “Jacks 'helping' me purge my closet,” . “He looks less than entertained. I’m just pretending my urge to nest means I’m knocked up.”

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    Fans praised Mina's courage for speaking about an important topic that's often kept private. "Good luck and thank you for being open and honest about your path to getting pregnant," . "Good luck, and remember to relax about it!" .

    Many are hopeful that Mina and her husband will continue growing their sweet family. "Can’t wait for another cutie like baby Jack," . "Good luck girl on #2! Hold that precious baby as long as possible. When the second comes along, those snuggles are harder to squeeze in," .

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