There’s a 'Baby Shark' Bath Toy That Sings and Swims Through the Water

Every kid is about to love bath time.


“Baby Shark” is coming to bath time! The Pinkfong viral sensation has made its way to and , and it now has bath time covered.

The from ZURU is so much more than a toy that just floats on top of the water. You place the shark in the water and the water-activation technology allows it to swim. Of course, it plays “Baby Shark,” so your little one will love getting clean (if they don’t already).

This smart little toy has an auto-off, power-saving mode, so it will shut off after the song has played for 4 minutes. You can pick it up out of the water and put it back in to reset it for the song to start again.

You can get the yellow for just under $32. It’s currently available on preorder and will be in stock on Aug. 12. Your order comes with one “Baby Shark” toy and an instruction manual. Keep in mind that due to the small pieces, it is not recommended for children under 3 years old.

There’s also a blue and pink available on Amazon for $14.99 —because you need the set, obviously. The parent sharks also have the water-activated technology, so there will be a lot of entertaining moving pieces during the next bath!

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