These Selfie Skeletons From Michaels Are So 2019, It Hurts Our Souls This Halloween

Us, in skeleton form.

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It’s 2019 and it would be ridiculous to think our phones aren’t one step away from being sewn to our hands. With that said, Selfie Skeletons are here to make us laugh at our own insanity this Halloween!

This fall decoration features two skeletons — doing the peace sign, no less — while one of them is taking a selfie with a phone. It stands at 9 inches tall, so it’ll make quite the impression wherever you choose to put it in your home. Is there any other home décor piece that describes you and your best friend more?

The Selfie Skeletons was created by Ashland and is being sold at Michaels Stores. It’s currently on sale for $15.40 (originally $22).

That’s not the only creepy/funny skeleton Halloween decoration at Michaels. This year, you can get a skeleton in a bathtub, which is basically the definition of self-care, as well as a light-up bored-looking skeleton and bride and groom skeletons.

Now that you have your indoor décor covered, don’t wait to get your costume, matching Halloween pajamas, and (a ton!) of candy that will be a hit among all the trick-or-treaters.

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Skeletons Selfie💀🤣 #michaels #halloween #skeleton #selfie

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Couples who selfie together stay together??? As cute as this is.... nope. Stop looking at the phone and start looking at each other. Notice the person in front of you in ways you never have before. Couples who stay together are the ones who continually learn new things about each other. Look at them and then see yourself through their eyes. Do you like what you see? When you stop trying to be all image all the time and take a pause, are you being true to you? Are you happy? (Of course this isn’t an anti-selfie post! I love a selfie. But do be mindful of how much technology has become the third wheel in your relationship and ask yourself is it helping or hindering?)

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I don’t know where Michael’s gets off making a Halloween decoration of me and @captainofthelight but wtf???? (Jokes aside, I just had to buy it. It’s so ME. 😂 can also apply to me and @gothicsushii @apple_bunny_cosplay @tippy.hedren @surelyshirleycosplay @ashevictorious @psychoticbeautycosplay yay cosplay girl squad 😂) #michaels #halloween #halloweendecor #halloweendecorations #happyhalloween #skeleton #skeletons #butfirstletmetakeaselfie #selfies #thisishalloween

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Saw this at #michaels yesterday and wanted to share! Even the skeletons take selfies! #selfies #halloweendecor #2019 #skeletonselfie #peaceout #michaelscraftstore #getyourselfieon #swaymevegas #skeletondecor #halloween2019 #halloween

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