We Actually Want to Wear These Dresses Made Out of Food

Broccoli has never been so beautiful.

Edgar Artis

Food Instagram accounts seem to be getting more and more elaborate these days. Between  crafting adorable recipes out of paper and the illustrative magic that is , there's no doubt they're creating some phenomenal works of art.

Fashion illustrator Edgar Artis is one of those artists, making a name for himself by creating gorgeous gowns out of everything from and vegetables to ketchup and  — and all sorts of in between. He takes suggestions into account on his page, so if you're interested in perhaps seeing a gown fashioned out of anchovies or maybe artichokes, let him know.

Check out some of our personal favorites below, and see for yourself if you want to be wowed by his tasty creations.

This frock is way more vibrant than any cocktail dress we could dream of wearing.

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Veggie lovers, this one's for you.

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This red pepper powder dress? A total winner.

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Paging Paula Deen. It's a dress made of butter!

Who knew ketchup could be sexy?

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