This Scenic Train Ride Now Offers Luxurious On-Board Spa Experiences

Get ready to be pampered on wheels.

With their relaxing atmospheres, inexpensive fares, picturesque routes, and old-school charm, trains are becoming the best way to get and , and thanks to this fresh feature launching on one Scottish railway, we now have the best excuse to travel by train in Europe too.

The Belmond Royal Scotsman train will launch the first spa carriage in Europe this spring, according to . The luxury train, which makes round trips from Edinburgh across the Scottish Highlands, will offer the first spa-on-wheels experience to travelers over a 5-day trip for $5,581 starting on April 17.

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The spa carriage, dubbed the "Bamford Haybarn Spa," offers upscale services like nail filing, facials, manicures, and massages for $32-$138. The two spa treatment rooms on the train feature rustic wood decor and beautiful views of the countryside, which work together to create a calming atmosphere.

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The Belmond Royal Scotsman will also begin to offer more routes through the Scottish Highlands beginning in April. Tickets will start at $4,916 per person, but with gorgeous views and relaxing spa on board, the splurge may be worth it!

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