There's a Park in Japan Where Over 4.5 Million Blue Flowers Bloom Each Spring

This place is seriously magical.

blue flower bloom in Japan
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If you missed cherry blossom season in Japan, you can still catch another stunning floral display right now at . Located just under a two-hour drive northeast of Tokyo, the hills of this coastal park recently erupted in a blanket of blue nemophila flowers and the views are nothing short of magical.

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Nicknamed "baby blue eyes," nemophila are actually native to California, but the 4.5 million flowers that bloom at Hitachi Seaside Park each spring are one of the world's most impressive displays of the blossom. But that's not even the best part. If you look closely, you'll notice that the fields of blue nemophila are also dotted with delicate red poppies.

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Be warned — the park is very popular with tourists making it difficult to get that perfect Instagram shot of the flowers without people in the background.

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blue flowers in Japan
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But if you can find an angle without the crowds, the photos you can capture there are truly exceptional.

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