10 Signs You Love Autumn More Than Most People

There's nothing better than lighting your pumpkin-scented candles and cuddling up with a knit blanket.

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There' no doubt that spring and summer are great seasons, but for some people, fun really doesn't begin until autumn. If you can relate to any of these things, you're definitely a fall person.

1. As much as you love the multi-colored blanket of summer and the silver coating of winter, nothing is more beautiful and inspiring than burnt amber and rustic bronze leaves falling from the trees.

2. Your comes to life — deep red and dark blue berries open a world of preserves and characterful vegetables become warm,


3. Barbecues give way to crumbles, and spiced loaves. Your kitchen is filled once more with homemade comfort foods.

4. It's not quite cold enough for wool (yet) but you feel grateful for the cooler breeze that wakes you up in the morning.

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5. Your home can become a display opportunity for nature's autumn gems — pine cones, acorns and odd but gloriously shaped pumpkins.

6. You're not ready to give up alfresco dining quite yet — so the outdoor heater helps to make an autumn evening in the garden just as romantic.

7. The finds just as much joy playing in the leaves as you do.

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8. And you can return home to the spiced smell of an autumn-inspired scented .

9. You and welcome back your cozy knits and boot.

10. You enjoy turning your attention to — setting the foundations for next spring's joyous garden.

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